Twice New has partnered with a wealth of charitable organizations in Southern California. We will assist you in determining what items will be available for donation following your event and pair those items with the organization most in need.

We will show up at the close of your event, pack and remove all the items and immediately deliver them to the agreed upon organization. Both the fee for our services and the items donated are tax deductible and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’re giving back to your community in a real way.


"We throw away good food and useable items every single day, why is this still a problem?  As event producers, production managers and restauranteurs, finding a solution to deal with unused items at the end of the night can be costly and time-consuming. It’s for this reason that perfectly good perishable and non-perishable items end up in trash cans. Twice New is your easy and seamless solution for repurposing these items so you can feel good about your contribution to your community and put a little money back into those budgets that are always so tight!"

Let’s face it, while we all want to do our part to change the world we understand that businesses need to be concerned about their bottom line. Rather than throw valuable food and items in the trash Twice New will help you get some of that money back! Upon completion of your donation Twice New will provide you with a thank you letter outlining the total of your tax deductible donation.


Book Twice New

Email us to 

schedule your pick up

Pick Up

Twice New will arrive at your scheduled time to remove your items


Your items are donated to a local organization or shelter

Tax Deduction

Your company will receive a tax receipt for the deduction of the fee and goods!

Keeping it New

Reduce waste, provide resources

to those in need. 

I don't know how much will be leftover at the end of the event, can I still hire you?
Yes! We will work with you to best estimate your pick-up needs before your event but we understand how important it is to be flexible and we’re always prepared to pivot as needed on event days.
Can I pick the organization the items are donated to?
We will do our best to pair with organizations of your choosing whenever possible however this may not always be possible due to donation restrictions or geographical limitations.
Do you only pick up from events?
No, we will work with you on pick ups you have from places such as restaurants, bars, hotels, office or residential. We will determine if the materials are suitable for donation and book the pick up.

We work with organizations throughout Southern
California to make sure donated goods are getting to the right hands. Our partners are fundamental to our mission. If you would like your organization to receive donations from Twice New, please contact us at


Thank you for taking action to help reduce
waste and provide resources for those
in need in southern Los Angeles.

T:  323.238.2222 

With experience producing events and  all over the world Crystal Ortiz was repeatedly confronted with the problem of extreme waste in the industry. Meanwhile Kris Ewton was building business strategies for various global brands. Armed with their intimate knowledge of event production, brand integration and their desire to make a difference, came the inspiration for The Twice New Foundation. Twice New aims to be a change agent for the industry as a whole and provides easy avenues for those involved to make more responsible decisions in disposing of food and materials. 


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